Holiday so far….



Well so I have been on holiday since the 6/07 and the weather has been absolutley misserable……


We went to the British Grand Prix……which was aaammaazing……but the weather was so bad we were told to stay away on the Saturday and they will refund us the tickets as the fields were literally Mud-baths…but we did go on the Sunday again…all geared up and prepared for the rain….and the weather was glorious and hot…so we melted away in our rain gear….cant ever get it right.

Then on the 13/07 we went to camp in the Lake District with some friends…the weather was amazing and sunny. As I had just recently got a new pushbike we decided to take the bikes to camp with us…..barring in mind I have not bin on a bike in about 10 years….we went on a 12 Mile round trip…..needless to say my backside still hurts when I want sit down and I know have a love hate relationship with my pushbike… On the Monday we had to pack to come back was the only day it was chucking it down… always seems to happen to us that when we have to pack up it rains and makes everything and everyone miserable…..

Now back home I have had to tackle the Mount Everest of washing….which has now turned into the Mount Everest of ironing – still need to be tackled but has been shoved into the corner in the Kitchen an its being ignored as if it was invisible….until the other half realises he has run out of socks and pants….

It was sunny today for a change but guess hat it has just started to chuck it down again…..

I hate the English Weather.




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