Fashion tips

Here I will share all the fashion tips I come across.

Ways to look stylish

Give your trusty tunic some extra milage by adding a narrow belt under the bust. Voila! You’ve just created a stylish Empire-Line dress.

Update your longline cardi by adding a coloured belt or scarf around the waist in one of the seasons new shades.

Colour not your thing? No worries – monochrome and sexy curves are most definitely in fashion. By dusting off your black pencil skirt, slimline trousers and white shirts, you will still be on trend.

When it comes to accessories,  look for classic shaped bags in leather that will last. Chose cheap jewellery in futuristic metal or chunky tribal styles. Try adding a vintage inspired hat..

Way to crease-free clothing (No ironing)
Steam your clothes. A professional steamer could set you back a couple of hundred quid, so hang your clothes in the bathroom, set the shower to run hot and let the steam do the rest.

Ways yo keep your clothes looking good

• Get shrunken jumpers back into shape: half-fill a basin with tepid water, add lots of hair conditioner and leave the jumper to soak over night. The gently pull into shape.
• Black trousers faded? After washing, add a cup of strong coffee to the rinse cycle.
• Fresh blood stains – remove as much as you can with cold water, then wash as normal.
• Red wine on your white shirt? Dab to remove excess, cover with water and pour on lots of salt. After salt turns pink, slowly pour boiling water over the stain.
• Revamp sued shoes by brushing with a little lemon juice, then hold over a sgeaming kettle for a few seconds. Bruch with a sued brush when dry.
• Remove the smell of BO from clothes by dipping ina bucket of water with 3-4 asprins added. After a few hours the smell will be gone.
• For sparkling whites, chuck everthing in the machine with a scoop of Napisan stain remover and your usual powder. Let the machin fill, then turn off and leave over night. In the morning, start the cycle where you left off.


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