Health Tips

Here I will share all the health tips I come across.

10 Healthy food combos

A plant that is packed with the protein and amino acids you’d get from meat, but without the fat and cholesterol.  Try it stirred with lemon juice and chopped dill.

Full of disease-busting antioxidants and fibre. Try served with yoghurt and ground cardamon.

Bulgar Wheat
Boasts potasium, B vitamins and calcium. Try cooked and mixed with roasted veg and honey.

Protein-rich, filled with vitamins D and B12 and a great source of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Try chopped in a salad of cucumber, parsley and tomatoes.

This leafy green veg is full of cancer busting beta carotene,  B vitamins and calcium. Try sautéed with chopped garlic and tossed with cooked pasta.

Sweet potatoes
Their low GI rating will keep you going for longer. Try served with a roast,  pureed with red peppers.

Young soy beans with the same amount of protein as roasted turkey. Try cooked and pureed with garlic, olive oil and fresh lemon juice as a dip.

A great source of fatty acids,  which keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy. Try chopped and added to cooked rice with raisins.

A great source of iron and flavonoids, which are loaded with antioxidants. Try a handful belnded into your morning smoothie.

New ways to lose weight

Eat more frequently
Every time we eat, we burn calories through heat production and digestion – a process called thermogenesis, which accounts for 10% of our daily use of calories. Research shows that eating small, regular meals increases thermogenesis.

Spice it up
According to several research studies, adding chilli to your meals raises your metabolism and burns of calories – this is because your heart rate rises after eating them. It’s like doing a workout without the working out.

Drink green tea
A swiss study found that people who drank green tea burned significantly more calories than those who didn’t. Apparently, the phytochemical flavanoids in green tea affect the ‘energy’ hormone adrenaline, which speeds up the rate at which your body burns off fat.

Snack on citrus
If you crave something sweet, have a tangerine. A new study discovered that nobiletin, a flavonoid found in tangerine, stimulates the genes responsible for burning fat.

5 Fruits to eat for a healthier you

In trials, it has shown anti-inflammatory and antibiotic activity. Extracts of mango inhibit cancer cells in lab experiments.

Proven benefits for people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Packed with antioxidants. And orange peel extract is currently being studied as a potential aid for heartburn and reflux.

In on US study, the high polyphenol content of strawberries wa shown to help fight cancer.

Red Grapes
Reasearch shows promising results in lowering blood pressure and incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

3 natural health boosters to prevent perspiration

Sage turns down your body’s thermostat to keep you fresh and help prevent hot flushes

An anti-inflammatory, lavender is ideal for soothing sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Oil
It’s bacteria that cause the odur and this kills them of naturally.


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