Life Tips

On this page I will share all the life tips I come across

Ways to be nice to yourself

Going out
Meeting close friends regularly is good for you. It can affect how we relate to others, make us happier with ourselves and even improve our health. So, get on the phone and arrange a girls night out.

Who doesn’t long for a five minute snooze on the sofa mid-afternoon? Well, next time, do it. Sleep boosts your immunity, lifts your mood – and its free.

Book it
Grab time for yourself and tell the family the bathroom/bedroom is yours for an hour. Take your book and relax. Remind them its in their best intrests to have you in a good mood.

Sex is good for you
It’s agood workout, boosts your feel-good endorphins, and a good old roll in the hay releases oxytocin, the hormone that promotes attachement to your partner.

Enjoy a daily chocolate fix
Just stick to a square or 2 of the the dark chocolate and you’ll have lower blood preasure, reduced risk of stroke and improved heart. The better the quality, the better it is for you.

Get more energy

Pull your hair….
If you gently pull your hair and pull the skin away from your scalp to get the blood flowing, you can relive a lot of tiring tension.

Sleep better
Melatonin helps to induce drowsiness, its production is affected by artificial light, from the digits of your alarm clock to the street light outside your bedroom. Cover digital displays and buy heavier curtains.

Put some flowers on your desk
One Harvard study found that people who looked at fresh flowers in the morning reported higher energy levels for the rest of the day.

Chew on a mint
Peppermint stimulates the trigeminal nerve, the area of the brain responsible for arousal, so it can make you more alert.

Let go of grudges
Nursing a grudge makes your mind and body react as if they are under chronic stress, increasing blood pressure and leading to exhaustion over time. On the other hand forgiveness makes you feel back in control, wich leads to less stress.

Do some good
It’s been shown that volunteer work can boost your energy by enhancing happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control over life, physical health and mood.

Exercise in the morning
Researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University found that exercising before lunch or during lunch leads to a more energised productive day

Ways to seem more confident..when you are really not!

• Speak slowly and clearly and pause before you answer. This will give the impression you’re in control.
• Talking in front of a group of people? Have something to hold – a pen, for example. It’ll stop your arms from floundering around.
• Walking into a crowded room? Focus on the most approachable looking person there and smile.
• And keep your shoulders down – you’ll look totally relaxed.

Ways to be decisive

• Take your time, but when you’ve made a decision stick to it
• Make a list of pros and cons. Then lenght of either lists will help you in the right direction.
• Focus in the worst outcome being wrong – it’ll help overcome your fears, and make a logical decison.

How to get through the day after a rubbish night sleep
Drink lots of water and eat little and often to stop energy dips. If you can, have a 20 minute nap in the afternoon; no more than 40 minutes though, or you’ll disrupt your night time sleeping pattern.

Tidy up your mood
Clutter can be more than just a miserable remeinder that you should be getting things done – if can have a profound effect on your mood, even raising levels of the stress hormone cortisol, says a new research from the US. If you don’t have time for a thorough sort out, at least try to arrange as much as you can into neat piles. Justvthe illusion of tidiness will ease the mind.


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